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NITW Americas Alumni Chapter Executive Committee Meetings
Meeting Minutes For March 18th Executive Board Meeting

Date: March 18th 06
Venue: Singh Yalamanchili's house
Time: 10.30 am to 12 noon
Attendees: Singh Y., Pradeep C., Vijay G., Sridhar K., Ankur P., Sunil K., Subbarao P., Sunil S., Padma T., Jyothi M.
Scribe: Sunil K.


  • Agenda bashing
  • Meet and greet the new executive team
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities
  • Finalize the goals for this year
  • Review short term Action Items

Discussion Items:

  1. Meet and greet the new executive members. Brief introduction and review of the chapter for the benefit of new members.
  2. Discussed the roles and responsibilities based on Sunil’s initial document at NITW%20Alumni%20Roles%20and%20Responsibilities.doc

    • Consensus on the draft
    • Pradeep and Vijay will be website coordinators
  3. Goals for this year have been brainstormed

    • Top priority is to revamp the website
    • Spread the visibility and promote the growth
      a) Fund raising activities
      b) Target atleast 50 new lifetime members
      c) Revitalize local chapters
      d) Propel the visibility of chapter among college students – build a brand name
      e) Merchandise-based and media marketing
      f) Connect with all local yahoo/google groups
      g) Resume scholarships and start new projects
  4. Short term action items

    • New Executive Body Setup
      a) Ratify new executive members [AI-03182006-1: Sunil will send an email]
      b) Send Statement of Officers letters to State [AI-03182006-2: Sunil and Sridhar] c) Update website with the new team [AI-03182006-3: Pradeep/Vijay]
      d) Update bank with new authorizations [AI-03182006-4: Sunil]
      e) Update guidestar and other places [AI-03182006-5: Sunil]
    • Financial and Tax information a) Finalize year book for 2005 [AI-03182006-6: Padma, Jyothi, Sunil]
      b) File tax [AI-03182006-7: Padma, Sunil]
    • Website
    • Pradeep and Vijay will do a gap analysis [AI-03182006-8]
    • Newsletter
    • Ankur and the team will be sending the quarterly newsletter by end of this month. [AI-03182006-9]

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