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NITW Americas Alumni Chapter Executive Committe Meetings

Date: Aug 21st, 2005. Location: Bhagat Singh garu's house. Attendees: Bhagat Singh, Prahlad Venkatapuram, Ankur Pandey, Sridhar Kunisetty.

Action Items:


  • Follow up on website issues.
  • Coordinate on website redesign with Ankur, ,praveen and students in NITW.
  • Get new members for executve committe.

Bhagat Singh

  • Coordinate October picnic.


  • Contact his friends/colleagues for volunteering with NITW alumni association.


  • Send email to members for Oct picnic. Send first e-mail by 9th Sep, another reminder in first week of October.
  • Coordinate with Sridhar on website issues.
  • Talk to Gautam on his commitment on NITW alumni association.
  • Create a list of items that needs to be done for NITW website(ie not able to update photographs with java script).

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