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Aug 24th 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Srikanth, Kranthi, Vijay Dewangan, Sridhar Kunisetty, Sai & Pradeep

Action Items:

  1. [All]: Promote the event - Share the picnic event with the people that you know. Like on Facebook.
  2. [Pradeep]: Put an AD on Facebook for the picnic event. Send the Spreadsheet containing list of Alumni names so that the people on the list can be invited on phone.
  3. [Sridhar K]: To take photos during the event.
  4. [Vijay]: To get camera. Fundrising for the event.
  5. [Kranthi]: Come up with activities for the alumni and conduct them.
  6. [Sai & Srikanth]: Incharge for kids activities for the events.
  7. [Srini & Sridhar M.]: Food and cutlery (some cutlery is already available with Sai).
  8. [Sai]: Send a list of available cutlery to Srini & Sridhar M.
  9. [Sai & Pradeep]: Registration.


Next call: Tuesday Sept 2nd @9pm PST.

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