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Dec 16th 2001 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the December 16'th Executive Body Meeting

This monthly meeting of the office bearers of the RECW Alumni took place on Dec 16th 2001 (10.30 am - 11.30 am ) at Spftsol Resources. This document contains minutes of the meeting prepared by Shailesh.


President: Bhagat Singh Yalamanchili
Vice President: Srini Madala
Secretary: Subbarao Padmanabhuni
Joint Secretary: Shailesh Basani

Executive members:

Prasan SamantaRay
RS Burgula
Sridhar Kunisetty

Business Coordinator:

Sunil Sabat

The main topics discussed:

800 number
Business forum issues


Scholarship amount - Rs 10,000.00 per student per year. Initially we would be starting with 5 students per year. Long term goal is to provide scholarship to 20 students per year (in 2 years). If some one want to sponsor the scholarship to a student

  • They can do so in units of $1000.00. $1000.00 will be enough
  • To give one scholarship for 4 years. The students may vary each year.
  • They will get a credit (info will be posted on the website)
  • Their name will be made available to the student who received the scholarship.
  • They can specify that the scholarship be given to a student from a particular dept.

Criteria for the scholarship:

  • An executive committee will be formed in RECW (staff) who will decide who should get the scholarship.
  • The student should not already be getting any scholarships
  • Minimum percentage should be 60.
  • Economic criteria.

The students' info will be posted on the website.
The students may have to volunteer to help us here is some way (transcripts?).
The student will be presented with a certificate.


Decided to continue to push the college (the way we are doing currently).
Provide the form on the website (for degree certificate etc) and provide instructions.
Pool everyone who needs degree certificates (transcripts) etc and work on them at once (only lifetime members).


Update on the website that obsolete books should not be mailed.
Provide an address in India so that books can be shipped directly to RECW.

800 number:

This option is turning out to be expensive. We decided, if needed, we can use AT&T conferencing.

Business Forum:

Sunil Sabat had come up with a few suggestions. He will rewrite them and send to all of us.

Action Items:

Find out if Alumni is already providing any kind of scholarships - Sunil, Shailesh and/or Santhosh.
Find out if any Alumni from India is in the board - Sunil, Shailesh and/or Santhosh.
Put the degree certificate form on the web - Sunil (we should make this available somehow only to lifetime members).
Add some business forum related stuff on the website - Shailesh. Send information regarding business forum - Sunil Sabat

Next meeting:

January 20th (3rd Sunday) at softsol resources.
Main focus will be on lifetime membership drive. What should be our goals, ways and means to achieve them etc.

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