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Dec 2012 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Here are the action items out of the lunch meeting held at the Athidhi Restaurant, on 12/21/12.

Attendees: Srinivas V Atluri, Sunil Sabat, Sridhar Muppalla, Pradeep Chalicheemala, Sashidhar Gandham, Kishore Mokada

  1. Bi-monthly meetings in person and Bi-monthly meetings on Phone (ensures a monthy meeting either in person or on phone)
    - Dates n Agenda for each meeting to be fixed by Srinivas V Atluri
  2. Website - Sashi to give a quick demo

    Minimum features -

    • Static text with names/photos of executive committee
    • Links to monthly meetings
    • Links to Cultural events
    • Links to Photos of the events
    • Links to NITW news
    + any other features which can be implemented quickly New look website to be up and ready in a max of one month. Overall Responsibility : Sashi and Pradeep
  3. Bi-monthly newsletter - Through e-mail/linked-in/facebook etc Responsibility - Srini Gopisetti
  4. End of Year Report - Resposnitbility - Sunil Sabat
  5. Cultural event in March/April - Responsibility for fixing the date - Srinivas Atluri/ Sridhar Muppalla
  6. Year end statements and paperwork - Pradeep and other office bearers. (A separate link will be sent by e-mail with details on who is responsible for what document)
  7. Fund raiser e-mail: Kishore
  8. Next Meeting Organizer: Sashi
  9. Saratoga Picnic booking fee refund - Sunil Sabat
  10. Post Meeting Minutes - Pradeep

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