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Dec 23rd 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Sridhar M, Sridhar K, Pradeep C, Dheeraj, Sai, & Srini S

Action Items:

  1. [Dheeraj]: Year-end scholarship/Donation mail goes out tomorrow morning to ebody.
  2. [Dheeraj]: Sridhar to send out the email to everybody before 25th.
  3. [Vijay]: May take up Kishore's role officially, if Kishore does not have time to attend the meetings going forward. If needed, Srini will put Vijay on the bank account.
  4. [Sridhar]: Pledged to Donate $700 + $300 from Oracle match.
  5. [Sridhar]: Blocked March 7th 2015 Quinlan Center for yearly event.
  6. [Sai]: to post 2014 news letter & post another one by Jan 15th.
  7. [Pradeep]: Abhishek Singh's cancer treatment fund raise in 2 weeks. Background: 15 lakhs was spent. May have to spend another 15 lakhs. Options: 1) Chapter can donate vs. 2) pass-through fund raiser from members.
  8. [Sridhar K]: News from College: College is celebrating on Dec 26th. Nominations for Distinguished Alumni is moving to January. Dec 14th .
  9. [Vijayawada chapter]: 700 people met & large donations were made - total of 10 lakhs.

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