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Feb 13th 2005 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

NITW Americas Alumni Chapter Executive Committe Meetings

Date: Feb 13th, 2005.
Location: Bhagat Singh garu's house.
Attendees: Bhagat Singh, Prahlad Venkatapuram, Ankur Pandey,
Sunil Kunisetty, Sridhar Kunisetty.

Action Items

Follow-up with Dr.Somayajulu for resource for Website. Follow up regarding rates for Transcript. Finish filling & sending Forms 501c(3). Followup with hosting providere regarding email capabilities & limitations.
Send new photos of NITW. Send followup email to Directory reminding the the Scholarship committe & the proposed visit of Srinadh Acharya.

Send Email Server questions to Sridhar.

Followup with Hari regarding filing Taxing. Followup with Anirban to fix message board.

Send Srinadh Acharya's email address to Sridhar. Marketing efforts to increase membership.

Bhagat Singh
Marketing efforts to increase membership. Track Sunil Sabat e-mail id.

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