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Feb 1st 2004 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

NITW Executive Committee Meeting

Date: Feb 1st 2004
Venue: Sunil Sabat's home
Attendees: Hari Kommaraju, Anku Pandey, Prahlad garu, Singh garu, Sridhar Kunisetty, Sunil Sabat, Gautham, Sunil Kunisetty

Meeting Minutes

  • Task.......: Website
    Action Item: Sridhar will talk with Preety Agarwal to get going on developing the web-site from scratch.
  • Task.......: Renewal to 'Secretary of State' application
    Action Item: Sridhar will look into it.
  • Task.......: Tax (IRS)
    Action Item: Hari will take care of it before May 15th.
  • Task.......: Email to NITW Director
    Action Item: Singh garu will send an email to the new Director of NITW regarding setting up process for scholarship distribution. Dr.Subramanyam garu needs to be CC'ed.
  • Task.......: Scholarship for this year
    Action Item: Sridhar will send an email to Dr.Subramanyam garu about how to start the scholarship process for this year since it already got delayed.
  • Task.......: T-Shirts
    Action Item: Ankur will investigate the cost of NITW t-shirts.
  • Task.......: Electrical Engg. Lab
    Action Item: Prahlad garu, Singh garu & Sunil Sabat will discuss and prepare a proposal. Singh garu will follow-up with Rao Remala garu on this.
  • Task.......: Mid-year get-together
    Action Item: Everyone agreed with Hari's proposal for a mid-year get-together in a hotel (for lunch/dinner).

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