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Feb 22nd 2015 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Dhiraj, Vijay, Sai, Pradeep, Sridhar K, Sridhar M, & Srini S

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Next meeting:

  1. Feb 27th 9pm PST.
  2. Meeting no: 201744766
  3. Meeting call-in no: 1-408-525-6800 (OR) 1-866-432-9903

Topic: [March 7th event]

  1. Few more numbers assigned to everybody
  2. [Sridhar]: paid the event fee before 2/7
  3. Most of the executive members made the personal calls and followed up with emails.
  4. Complete Agenda including the cultural part needs to be finalized on Friday night call.
  5. Ramjogaiah Sastry - Bio - Srini to call and check - take help from Sridhar as needed
  6. Sole focus coming week should be drive the registrations.

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