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Feb 4th 2015 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Vijay, Pradeep, Sridhar K, Sridhar M, & Srini S

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We learned about a lot about Vijay!

Next meeting:

  1. Feb 18th 9pm PST. Please make a new year resolution to attend the NIT meets!
  2. Meeting no: 203 726 680
  3. Meeting call-in no: 1-408-525-6800 (OR) 1-866-432-9903

Topic: [March 7th]

  1. [Sridhar]: to pay the event fee before 2/7
  2. Search for crowd puller, Catchy event name.
  3. [Sai/Pradeep]: to send the content today.
  4. [Sridhar]: to send out event announcement mail by tomorrow.
  5. [Executive body members]: please register today!
  6. Start calling people - Pradeep sent the note.
  7. How to Differentiate NITW events and All NIT events - there is confusion and brand dilution. Any ideas welcome.

Topic: [Abhishek]

  1. Money 75k Rs money sent
  2. Pradeep to update the blog

Topic: [NITW bankaccount]

  1. [Vijay]: is the on the account and will be treasurer.

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