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Jan 2008 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes


Shailesh, Ankur, Subba Rao, Prahlad Venkatapuram, Jyothi, Sridhar, Vishnu, Sunil

Please send a update to AI's in middle of Feb .

Action Items ( sorted per person)


  • Upload last executive body meeting minutes ( in Nov 2007 )
  • Update website with names of new executive body members.
  • Upload alumni feedback sent by Vishnu.
  • Upload Jan 2008 meeting minutes.


  • Follow up with alumni body in India . Ask for new developments / information about college for newsletter.
  • Work on newsletter , initial draft to be sent by Jan end, final draft by middle of Feb .
  • Talk to representatives from other chapters.

Prahlad Venkatapuram:

  • Talk to Srinath and come up with the charter for
  • To follow up with Shiva Kumar to see of internships can be arranged in area of nanotechnology for faculty.


  • Send the college brochure to Ankur.
  • Talk to Director to see if all information on the slides can be distributed.
  • Send a mail about cricket match in late Feb / early March.
  • Technical talks , talk to Sridhar Muppala.
  • Talk to Padma / Sunil / Pradeep for filing taxes.


  • Talk to Prof Subramaniam to see status of scholarships.
  • Transfer tax / finanacial information to Pradeep.


  • Follow up with MCA students for status of website.
  • Conduct regular status meetings with MCA students.


  • Send your profile to Pradeep so he can upload that on website.


  • Revisiting last meeting minutes.
  • Shailesh gave a brief update of his India trip.
  • Met with Director , faculty members and registrar . Following topics were discussed

    1.  Alumni coming back to teach for short time.
    2.  Training of faculty members in nano technology.
    3.  Internships in US for students.
    4.  Getting transcripts for alumni. Alumni graduating after 2003 can get transcripts online .
    5.   Restarting scholarships.

  • Subba Rao updated on corpus fund. Expecting a charter soon .
  • Sridhar updated on website redesign .

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