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Jan 20th 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Sridhar K., Vijay, Dheeraj, Srikanth, Pavan, Prakash, Balki, Srini Bommineni, Sriram G., Sai, Pradeep, Srini Sudireddi, Bala & Sridhar M.

Next Meeting: Feb 23rd 5:00 PST

Went over the responsibilities and expectations of executive members.

Action Items:

  1. [1/20/2014 - Everybody] Send the smart phone# and email-id to Pradeep. Please install WhatsAPP on your cell. Pradeep created whatsapp group for the executive body.
  2. [1/20/2014 - Secretary] Setup monthly meetings
    1. Sunday 6PM PST: Sai/Srikanth/Dhiraj
    2. Monday 6PM PST: Sridhar,Pradeep, Sreeram
  3. [1/20/2014 - Joint secretary] Update the contact info for Lifetime members
  4. [1/20/2014 - Joint secretary] Create a community - life/career events
  5. [1/20/2014 - Treasurer - Vijay Dewangan] Goal of 10k for year - 1k target for each month. 2k by March meeting. work with Sai
  6. [1/20/2014 - Batch Coordinator - Dhiraj Suri] Life time membership goal of 300 from current 200 by year end
  7. [1/20/2014 - Batch Coordinator - Dhiraj Suri] Out of 50 batches - 20 batch coordinates needs to be identified by next meeting - Start a google document. work with Bala Gangisetty
  8. [1/20/2014 - Srikanth Sadineni] Get the website hit count increasing
  9. [1/20/2014 - Srikanth Sadineni] April 19th Cultural event advertisement/registration/ticketing page by next meeting.
  10. [1/20/2014 - Srikanth Sadineni/Srini Sudireddi] Announcement should go out before Jan 31st. Srini Sudireddi & Srikanth to assign about 15 members to each executive member so that contact can be made before next meeting.
  11. [1/20/2014 - Sreeram Garlapati/Sridhar Kunisetti] College related activities
  12. [1/20/2014 - Sreeram Garlapati/Sridhar Kunisetti] Organize 12 webinars - Emphasis on softskills is good idea.
  13. [1/20/2014 - Sreeram Garlapati/Sridhar Kunisetti] Organize 1 Webinar by the time we meet next
  14. [1/20/2014 - Sreeram Garlapati/Sridhar Kunisetti] Vijay Dewangan will be available to go to college in person. Coordinate as needed
  15. [1/20/2014 - Sreeram Garlapati/Sridhar Kunisetti] Identify the 3 projects that can be done by college students
  16. [1/20/2014 - Sreeram Garlapati/Sridhar Kunisetti] Open source/git account for NITW - Kranthi/Sai/Dhiraj
  17. [1/20/2014 - Prakash Muppirala/Vijay Dewangan/Pavan] 20 mentors by March needs to be identified and communicate the list to ever
  18. [1/20/2014 - Prakash Muppirala/Vijay Dewangan/Pavan] Guidelines for Mentors and Mentees
  19. [1/20/2014 - Prakash Muppirala/Vijay Dewangan/Pavan] Feel free to invite PAN NITs if critical mass can not be reached with NITW.
  20. [1/20/2014 - Pavan Borra] Three Coordinators to be identified
  21. [1/20/2014 - Pavan Borra] Event dates for Cultural and Summer Picnic before next meeting
  22. [1/20/2014 - Sreeni Bommineni] Cultural event and Summer Picnic dates to be identified before next meeting


  1. Srikanth to upload the Pledge to Website

Misc Updates:

  1. New Logo approved. Updated Web Site to be launched soon.
  2. April 19th Cultural event related planning needs to happen.

Tentative agenda for next meeting:

  1. Updates from everybody.
  2. Reports - Lifetime members, Treasurer report, website hits.
  3. April 19th Bay area cultural event details.
  4. Misc updates.

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