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Jan 21st 2015 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Sai, Vijay, Pradeep, Sridhar K, Sridhar M, & Srini S

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Next meeting:

  1. Feb 4th 9pm PST. Please make a new year resolution to attend the NIT meets!
  2. Meeting no: 209 704 055
  3. Meeting call-in no: 1-408-525-6800 (OR) 1-866-432-9903

Topic: [Abhishek]

  1. Raised ~$9k earmarked for
  2. Awesome job done by Pradeep with Facebook campaign.
  3. Lakshya foundation got involved & verified
  4. Pradeep talked to Ved - brother of the Abhishek
  5. Passed motion to release 75,000 Rs towards immediate treatment and expenses to Abhishek's account directly.
  6. update the total
  7. Future payments will be made

Topic: [Yogesh's contribution]

  1. Pradeep will follow-up

Topic: [March 7th]

  1. [Srini]: will run the meeting
  2. [Sai]: to send the mail by Friday with discounted pricing - $10 per person. $20 per two people, Child >5 upto 18 - 5$. Expires on Feb 15th. After that it will increase to $20 per person, $10 for child.
  3. [everybody]: How to make the event more fun? Calling people, google docs, Registering

Topic: [Matching donation]

  1. [Vijay]: to call Qualcom on the matching donation
  2. Oracle/Juniper/eBay?
  3. Google can match $6k
  4. Companies using Benevity

Topic: [NITW bankaccount]

  1. [Srini]: to add Vijay to account. Sridhar M/Srini S/Kishore may need to be there. Check with bank before going.

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