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Jul 20th 2003 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

RECW/NITW executive committe meeting:

Date: 7/20/03
Venue: Sridhar's House
Attendees: Bhagat Singh, Shailesh, Prasan Samantaray, Ankur, Hari Sridhar, Sunil S, Rao Bonda, Sunil K.

Summary of discussion during the recent executive committee meeting:

  • Electrical department requirements - Singh garu will talk with Rao Remala.
  • Decided to increase number of scholarships to 6.
  • Status related to 25K given to library.
  • Allocate a slot for Business Forum in west coast meet.
  • Reserve park for west coast meet (tentatively on Oct 11th).
  • Sailesh+Sharma will look into scripts of the website.

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