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Jul 21st 2002 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes - 07/21/02
Attendees - Bhagat Singh, Prasan Samantaray, Sridhat, Sunil, Shailesh, and Santhosh
Venue: Bhagat Singh's Residence

Award status and criteria - Santhosh

  • Is anyone giving award to first year topper( not RECW scholarship)
  • Is the current award already approved.( can we change it if needed - to give to 2nd topper)
  • How long will it take to change the criteria( as it has to be approved by board )

Scholarship - Sunil

  • How many scholarships granted already - names and amount to be put on website
  • No change in criteria ( 4 Regular + 1 FDH )
  • Sunil will deposit money in SBH ( for 550 $?)
  • Get East coast alumni donors.

Committee member names on the website - Shailesh More information regarding the scholarships awarded on the website - Shailesh

Journals/Library/Sw and Hw

  • Collection of used/unused s/w packages - Sridhar
  • Send reply to Mr.Prasad(Transportation dept) that we cannot afford 2000$ for journals. - Santhosh
  • Total budget that alumni can spend for this category is only 500$.
  • Email to sunil sabat ( regarding the business forum issue) - Bhagat singh garu

East coast meet

Sponsorship by Prakash Kenjala - postponed to Aug 3

West coast meet

  • Tentative date: October 12th, Next available date - Oct 14th
  • Park and details - Prasanna garu/Sunil/Santhosh
  • Date confirmation/Food - Sridhar
  • Events/activities/more detailed meet - September 8th

Seattle trip by Sunil

Dates for get-together - Sunil
Create more local chapters.

Corpus fund

  • Reply to Dr.Subramaniam, Closing the issue - Sunil
  • Images of Executive body and RECW professors(who are in contact) in website Shailesh/Sunil
  • Newsletter - Shailesh/Sunil
  • Prasanna garu promoted as Secretary
  • Website changes to ease life time membership enrollment - Sunil/Shailesh

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