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Jun 8th 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

IN-PERSON ATTENDEES: Sridhar M & Pradeep C

PHONE ATTENDEES: Kishore, Sai, Sridhar K, Dhiraj, Vijay, Balki & Srinivas B

New Action Items:

  1. [6/8/2014 - Pradeep C] Publish new student scholarship program summary (2 weeks)
  2. [6/8/2014 - Pradeep C / Srikant / Sridhar M] Create an application form for student awards and post it on our website (6 weeks)
  3. [6/8/2014 - Kishore] Complete payments to Sridhar M, Pradeep C, Sai
  4. [6/8/2014 - Vijay D / Pradeep C] Pradeep to transfer info to Vijay D and bring him up to speed on fund raising, past donations, donor and scholar tracking. To connect with Lakshya foundation.
  5. [6/8/2014 - Balki / Sai] Balki to send Dallas event summary, pictures link to Sai. (1 week)
  6. [6/8/2014 - Sai] Create newsletter draft (2 weeks)
  7. [6/8/2014 - Srinivas B] Send chapter updates from Chicago area to Sai (1 week)
  8. [6/8/2014 - Srinivas B] Chicago picnic to be held in the last week of July. Date/Venue needs to be established and to begin communicating to fellow Alumni in the area. (2 weeks)
  9. [6/8/2014 - Balki / Kishore] Balki to become Life Time Member by contributing $110 to the chapter. Kishore will assist.
  10. [6/8/2014 Unassigned] To contact our active alumnus Karthik Mantravadi - 2010 Chemical - NITW Houston in charge


Previous AI Pending: (Immediate)

  1. [4/17/2014 - Sridhar M / Srikant] Website transfer ownership to Srikant, Post recent meeting minutes, event pictures
  2. [4/17/2014 - Sreeram / Sridhar K] Establish student / professor connections with NITW and obtain updates from college on a monthly basis to share with Ebody and also with our members
  3. [4/17/2014 - Kishore] Send cupertino event financial summary


Chapters Business discussion / Updates:

  1. NITWAmericas SBH account got reactivated, thanks to Sridhar M and Sunil K. We plan to use the funds and close the account in the next two months.
  2. Taxes filed on time, thanks Kishore
  3. RRF form filed last month, thanks Srini
  4. Agreed that the current time / location is the best for monthly ebody meets considering at least two of our execs members (Sai / Dhiraj) work and stay in the City.
  5. Established guidelines for future student awards in addition to Lakshya Scholarships. In summary, we will have up to 4 scholarships of $500 per year. These scholarships are for current students who are visiting foreign countries for paper presentations or internships etc. We will have an application form on our website. Pradeep C will publish complete details later this month.
  6. Dhiraj actively working to fill up Batch Ambassadors roster and staying in touch with them.
  7. Sridhar K will lead and be fully responsible for maintaining college connection going forward. Sreeram will assist based on his availability.
  8. The cost of our new website development is $2000. No on going maintenance provided. Ownership will be transferred to Srikant S.

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