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Mar 16th 2003 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

NITW Americas Alumni March '03 Executive Board Meeting

Date: Mar 16th, 2003
Attendees: Bhagat Singh Yalamanchili's Residence Attendees: Sarma, Sunil S., Sridhar, Prasanna, Shailesh, Ankur, Sunil K., Santhosh, & Bhagat Singh
Venue: Mar 16th, 2003


Topics discussed:

It was systematic with a formal application process and interviews. Dr.Subramanyam (Elec. Dept) helped a lot for the scholarship process. There were some complaints from other staff members saying that they were not included in the scholarship committee.

The new library is well organized. They proposed a Rs.13 lakhs project. They bought some books with the money ($1,000) donated by Madhu.

Sunil met a few students for discussing the idea of outsourcing the website development work.

Student committee
Hari (student committe) is in India and he is planning to get students feedback about how the student committe can help the NITW final year students who plan for higher studies abroad.

The last date to file taxes for NITW Alumni association is May 15th.

Microsoft funding
Rao Remala garu is visiting NITW this month for looking at the activities regarding the Microsoft funding to the CS department. This year Dr.Somayajulu garu is selected to visit Microsoft.

Discussion Points:

  • Update/Check website (Saliesh)
    a) Check if the new photos were uploaded.
    b) Check if the Email script is working.
  • Singh garu will draft a letter regd. scholarship committee.
  • Review library proposal.
  • Website Santosh will collect the feedback/suggestions for the website redesign.
  • Santosh will write the list of all students who received scholarships and put them on the website.
  • Madhu will investigate the idea of helping 'Interest Clubs' in NITW.

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