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Mar 23rd 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

IN-PERSON ATTENDEES: Sridhar K, Sai, Vijay, Sridhar M, Shankar M & Srini Sudireddi

CONFERENCE CALL ATTENDEES: Kranti, Pavan, Dhiraj & Sreeni Bommineni

Next Meeting: April 14th 6:00 PST

WhatsAPP group is working fine. Balki is missing in the list.

Action Items:

  1. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] March 27th phone call @9pm for Bay area ebody members to update on the AIs.
    1. Weekly phone call needed to get the attendance up.
  2. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] All executive members to call & get them to sign-up the assigned people personally from the google doc about April 19th Bay area event
  3. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] Send a 4-line summary of Bio (Name, Work, Passion) so that Website Executive member info can be updated.
  4. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] BayArea Executive members register @ticketleap before prices go up. [Done?]
  5. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] All Forward the Bay area social event to batch specific groups ASAP [Done?]
  6. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] Executive body members will be assigned a list to call to get members to use the early bird registration.
    1. 250 people attending the event is the goal!
  7. [3/23/2014 - Everybody] New webiste:
    1. Feedback needed by 2/24/14 [Done]
      1. In the news, NITW Gallery, Latest Twitter feed
      2. Executive member info, by-laws should not be highlighted
    1. [update] new website is up.
  8. [3/23/2014 - Pradeep Chalicheemala] Send the cultural event Agenda to Pavan by tomorrow [Done]
  9. [3/23/2014 - Pradeep Chalicheemala] Phone drive assignment for Bay Area members by Monday [Done]
  10. [3/23/2014 - Pradeep Chalicheemala] Pradeep to put Kishore & Srini Sudireddi on the bank account [Not done – will be taken care when Pradeep returns]
  11. [3/23/2014 - Pavan Borra] Three Coordinators to be identified – Sudharshan, Vijay Mohan Konda, another to conform
  12. [3/23/2014 - Pavan Borra] Event dates for Cultural and Summer Picnic before next meeting – May 31st – New date May 17th is new date
  13. [3/23/2014 - Pavan Borra] Pavan to get in touch with Srikanth to get the Event published – ETA: March 31st.
  14. [3/23/2014 - Srikanth Sadineni] Post the Bay area social event info on the Facebook & LinkedIn - [Done]
  15. [3/23/2014 - Srikanth Sadineni] Seek Website feedback & get it updated - [Feedback collected] Sridhar to follow-up and get the website updated.
  16. [3/23/2014 - Sai Denduluri] Please send News letter to executive body alias – [Sai will do it today]
  17. [3/23/2014 - Kranti Parisa] Giving 1st Webinar on Opensource – March 7th
    1. [update] - 40 students attended.
    2. [follow–up with Ravi Chandra to identify 6 students who will contribute]
  18. [3/23/2014 - Kranti Parisa] Please send the Abstract, Bio, what users get out of this webinar by Tuesday 2/25
  19. [3/23/2014 - Kranti Parisa] Inspire 6 students who are interested in contributing - ETA: 3/31/14
  20. [3/23/2014 - Prakash Muppirala] Github account is to be created College students will be good – not needed now
  21. [3/23/2014 - Dhiraj Suri] Identified 3 batch coordinators in Feb. 1 more in March.
  22. [3/23/2014 - Dhiraj Suri] 15 more to be identified by next month meeting.
  23. [3/23/2014 - Dhiraj Suri] Get in touch with executive body members to get referrals for potential batch coordinators.
  24. [3/23/2014 - Dhiraj Suri] Half page sales pitch is a good idea – ETA 3/24/14
  25. [3/23/2014 - Prakash Muppirala/Pavan Borra] Need to clean-up and send out the final guidelines. Prakash/Pavan sent the Mentorship guidelines by March 3rd.
    1. [update] Pavan to finalize the draft mail to Alumni for launching the mentorship programs
    2. [update] Create a google doc with the the list of Mentors – Pavan & Pradeep
  26. [3/23/2014 - Sreeni Bommineni] Conducting March 15th event. Looking for the Speaker for the events. Prakash volunteered to help out.
    1. [update] Conducted. 25 people attended.
  27. [3/23/2014 - Sreeni Bommineni] Cultural event date is yet to be identified.
    1. [update] summer picnic date is being planned – yet to finalize the date.
  28. [3/23/2014 - Srini Sudireddi] Change of officers needs to be filed by March 15th. Get the information needed from Pradeep – [will file ETA 3/25]
  29. [3/23/2014 - Kisore Mokada] Went over the Cash position, expenses last month.
  30. [3/23/2014 - Kisore Mokada] Raise more funds – 1K per month is the goal
  31. [3/23/2014 - Vijay Dewangan] Half page write-up for why donors should donate.
  32. [3/23/2014 - Sridhar Kunisetty] Co-ordinated First webinar on open source done.
  33. [3/23/2014 - Sridhar Kunisetty] Second webinar topic & speaker need to be identified.

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