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Mar 31st 2002 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the March 31st '02 Executive Body Meeting

This monthly meeting of the office bearers of the RECW Alumni took place on March 31st 2002 (10.00 am - 11.30 am ) at SoftSol. This document contains minutes of the meeting prepared by Sunil Kunisetty.

Bhagat Singh
Prasan Samantry
Sridhar Kunisetty
Sunil Kunisetty
Radhakrishna Ghanta
Santhosh Krishna
Pavan Borra
Sarma Burugula

Scholarships & Awards
Enrollments & lifetime memberships
Fund Raising
East Coast Meet
Business Forum Update
Misc. Updates
Action of Items

Scholarships & Awards:

The award started by the chapter has finally been instituted. It will be given to 1st year overall B. Tech (regular students only) student. The 5 scholarships of each Rs 5k has also been given. The names of the 5 students will be sent soon. The goal for next year (2002-2003 academic year) is to have 10 scholarships of each Rs 10k. The goal is to increase it to 25 scholarships from the subsequent year and sustain it at that level. It was decided that expenditure on scholarships be less than or equal to 50% of the total revenue for that year. It was also decided that to sustain 25 scholarships per year we have to get income from other sources other than lifetime membership fees. Fund raising events as future revenue fetching source is also discussed.

Enrollments & lifetime memberships:

There were just 5 lifetime members in the last 3 months. Exec. members have decided to target 5 new members every month and to get to 150 lifetime members by end of next year. As of March 31st '02, we have 73 lifetime members. It was also decided to send prospective lifetime members brochure about the alumni activities with a pledge card & self addressed envelope. Bhagat Singh, RadhaKrishna Ghanta, Sunil Sabat, Sridhar and Prasan Samantry will coordinate this effort.


We plan to get in touch with all HoDs and get a quote for software & hardware requirements for each individual departments. Sridhar will coordinate this effort. It was also decided to subscribe atmost 2 journals per dept (with a max of 10 across all depts). Shailesh & Santhosh will coordinate this effort.

East Coast Meet:

Planning for the 2nd East Coast Meet is going on and it will most likely be held during June. Bhagat Singh will most likely attend it as a West Coast representative. Pavan will get in touch with some companies for sponsorships.

Business Forum Update:

Sunil Sabat has updated the board with Business Forum Activities. The goal is to have the first business forum meeting in June. A website with all resources & links will be setup. Misc. Updates:

The organization's address will be changed from the PO Box address to "5261 Diamond Common. Fremont CA 94555". This way we could avoid the PO Box costs. RECW Microsoft Alumni & the chapter has donated MSFT software to the Elect. Dept Change of guard at RECW. Prof Kishan Rao retired as Princi. Prof Vasudeva Rao is the interim princi.

Action Items:

  • Bhagat Singh, Radhakrishna, Sridhar & Sunil Sabat will draft letters and will send them to all prospective lifetime members which includes self-addressed envelope.
  • Sridhar will sync up with all HODs to get a Hardware/Software equipment upgrade estimates.
  • Shailesh & Santhosh will get the journal list
  • Sarma & Pavan will start scope-ing for the East Coast meet. They will get in touch with some sponsors
  • Sunil Sabat will speed up BizForum activities.
  • Sunil Kunisetty will send the financial statements for year 2001 and file taxes....
  • Shailesh will add a new page to the website showing the "Latest 5 Lifetime Members"
  • Santhosh will add a new "Project Goals" page to the Projects page
  • Next meeting.

Details of next meeting:
When: May 19th, Sunday at 10.30 am
Where: SoftSol Resources

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