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May 13th 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

CONFERENCE CALL ATTENDEES: Sridhar M, Pradeep C, Sai, Kishore M, Dhiraj & Srini Sudireddi

Monthly Meetings: Every Second Sunday 5pm PST in Sunnyvale in-person

  1. Here is schedule of all the meetings this year:
    1. June 8th 2014 5pm PST
    2. July 13th 2014 5pm PST
    3. Aug 10th 2014 5pm PST
    4. Sept 14th 2014 5pm PST
    5. Oct 12th 2014 5pm PST
    6. Nov 9th 2014 5pm PST
    7. Dec 14th 2014 5pm PST
  2. Webex details:
    1. Dial-in: 408-525-6800
    2. US/Canada: +1.866.432.9903
    3. Meeting Number: 205 792 033
  3. (OR) Click on:

New Action Items:

  1. California Information SI 100 filed a month ago.
  2. [5/13/2014 - Kishore/Srini] File year end taxes and submit RRF forms by May 15th.
  3. [5/13/2014 - Kishore/Srini] Kishore will pay the bills for Cupertino cultural Events before June 8th meeting
  4. [5/13/2014 - Sai] Newsletter - Follow-up with Srikanth and post it in next two weeks. Get College updates from Sridhar. Write a paragraph about the Cupertino Cultural event, Have a link to photos etc.
  5. [5/13/2014 - Dhiraj] Keep engaging the Batch ambassadors. Let us target 5 more for next week.
  6. [5/13/2014 - Sridhar] Add a link in the website to post the Newsletters. Srikanth need to be able to do it from next month.
  7. [5/13/2014 - Sridhar] Send the Event account details to Kishore.

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