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May 18th 2003 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

May 18th '03 Executive Body Meeting

Attendees: Bhagat Singh Sunil Kunisetty Sunil Sabat Prasanna Samantaray Hari Shailesh Subbarao Anirban Ankur Pandey
Venue: Sunil Kunisetty's Residence

Action Items:

  • Bhagat Singh to discuss with Mr Rao Remala about the recent project proposal from Elect. Dept.
  • Sunil K. will contact lawyer to get some estimates about feww to change the chapter name from REC to NIT.
  • Sunil K. will a get a dns name for the website. The new name will be nitwamerics . The old one will be there until it expires (Nov 16th '03).
  • Shailesh & Anirban will enhance the Message Board Feature.
  • Shailesh will create links from Project page to newly scanned scholarship receipts.
  • Sunil S. will organize the First Annual Business Forum Luncheon.
  • SubbaRao to contact Bhaskar about Banner at the TANA meet,
  • SubbaRao, Prasanna, & Bhagat Singh to Help Sunil S. for the Business Forum meet
  • Santhosh will create the link for the current scholarships being given
  • Website Review Committee: Sridhar, Shailesh, Santhosh, & Anirban will scope & give a proposal to hand over maintainence stuff to the some students at NITW
  • Student Forum: Hari & Ankur to provide Student Forum details to be added to the page

Discussion Points:

  • Dr. Vasudeva Rao has agreed to our proposal of forming a committee to oversee scholarship distribution and other activities initiated by NITW Americas.
  • Shailesh has necessary scholarship pages scanned for the web, These supple our effort. He has the list of scholarship projects to go to the web.
  • Filed for tax year - 2002 - Both State and Federal.
  • Dec 2004, IRS trial period will expire. We may contact the lawyer to explo next steps.
  • On June 21, 2003, the business forum luncheon will be held at Banjar Indian Cuisine. Invitation has been sent.
  • Subbarao will investigate of we can insert pamphlets, banner wtc. at TANA 2003. That meeting is locally held this year. It is yet another medium to promote NITW Alumni.
  • Vasudeva Rao will continue on his current role until an alternative is found.
  • The website name will change to during next renewal with the hosting company. It needs more changes. This website will also host on-line applications as backup.
  • Hari spoke at NITW during his trip. It went well. He advised many student on career issues involving a job at US study and both!! ZZZZ > East Coast alumni meeting date will be decided soon.
  • An filter will be added to forum posting to guard some postings.
  • Bhagat Singh garu will respond for use to NITW International Alumni event in Delhi later this year.

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