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May 19th 2002 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes


Attendees - Subba Rao, Shilesh, Srini Madala, Sunil, Singh
Guest Attendees : Prof. Rama Rao garu, and Guru Naidu Thalapaneni
Agenda -
1) Status of RECW and Computer Science dept. by Prof. Rao
2) Lifetime Membership additions
3) Scholarships
4) Raising funds
5) Bay area business get together by Business forum
6) Picnic schedule change

Most of the meeting time was spent in discussions related to the present situation at the college. As you all know Prof Vasu Deva Rao ( electronics) is appointed as acting Principal. The board is presently going thru selection process for permanent candidate.

Lot of info was presented on the Computer Science education related to BCA, MCA, CS(engg) and the dealings with NBC -- National Board of Certification, NBA -- " " Accredition

At one time Prof Rao gave an estimate of Computer Science graduates in India 1,80,000 / year

  • Arrange for Visiting professors from US universities and industry. RECW will provide for accommodations and provide little funding for expenses etc.
  • Find details on Oracle and IBM University programs and help arrange connection between RECW and the companies.
  • Multi media packages for Library from different vendors and on a variety of topics
  • To help students who want to come to USA, make a list of University (US)contacts whom they can correspond with.

To get RECW Alumni to sign up for Alumni it is proposed that we list info in TANA/ATA and other Indian community publications as appropriate. Also try to arrange social events during these

Annual conferences. This way it gives Alumni from different areas in the country to meet and discuss RECW Alumni issues etc.

Sunil proposed to hold a business forum get together in mid summer. It is a very good idea and we told him to pursue that.

Srini Madala proposed that we should have the annual picnic before the schools open. After some discussion it is decided to collect opinions from other exec committee members and decide soon.

The final proposal is to hold in 3rd weekend of Aug. For this year the suggested date is Saturday Aug 24th. Please send your comments. We will have to decide by the end of this month and let all know.

I requested Srini and Guru to speak with Bhaskar Chadalavada and Pratap Reddy to line up a sponsor for this year annual picnic.

Prepared by : Bhagath Singh

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