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May 2006 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Date: May 13th 2006
Venue: Subba Rao's house
Time: 10.00 am
Attendees: Burugulla Sharma,Pawan, Pradeep C.,Sridhar K.,Ankur P., Sunil K., Subbarao P., Sunil S.,Padma T., Jyothi M.
Scribe: Ankur Pandey.

Agenda and Discussion Items:

  1. Agenda bashing

    • Finalized to agenda items
  2. Discuss last meetings action items.

    • Reviewed and discussed the last meetings Ais
  3. Discuss financial and tax stuff.

    • Discussed and Approved the year book 2006
  4. Discuss regional coordinators and their roles.

    • Sunil gave a 2 min summary of the new RCs
  5. Web site gap analysis.

    • Pradeep briefly went thru gap analysis document that he and Vijay came up with
  6. Discussion having business lunch / picnic.

    • Decided to have a combo version (business luncheon + picnic) type of thing in Oct

Action Items:

  • Meeting with regional coordinators, Sunil will send out a mail. AI-05132006-01
  • Statement from SBH, Sunil will get it.AI-05132006-02
  • Gather a list of achievements of NITW Americas starting from inception. Ankur, Jyothi AI-05132006-03
  • Letter to Director introducing the chaper. Subba Rao AI-05132006-04
  • Coming up with venues for busieness forum. Padma AI-05132006-05
  • T-shirts from NITW. Sunil needs to find out from where to get it from. Prahalad garu will get it on his India trip . Sunil, Prahalad AI-05132006-06
  • Brainstorming on projects for NITW. Ankur , Jyothi, Sridhar . AI-05132006-07
  • Website develoment. Coming up with new hosting site if necessary, also coming up with list of changes and their priorities. Vijay, Burugulla Sharma AI-05132006-08
  • Investigate merchandise with NITW logos. AI-05132006-09 Jyothi

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