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NITW Americas Alumni Executive Body Meeting 5/20/2007

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Regency Park Club House, San Jose, CA

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Subbarao Padmanabhuni, Singh Yalamanchili, Srinath Acharya, Prahlad Venkatapuram, Sunil Kunisetty, Ankur Pandey, Padma Vemulapali, Sridhar Kunisetty, Pradeep Chalicheemala
Regrets: Jyothi Madhavapeddi, Vijayakrishna Griddaluru
Guests: Mr. Ramakrishna Karlapudi, President, All India NITW Alumni Association


  1. Members introduction 10:45 AM
  2. Information Sharing between India / USA alumni association: 11:00 AM

    • Mr Ramakrishna Karlapudi, explained the activities happening in India chapter and also talked about the contributions made and events being organized by the chapter
    • The NITW All India Alumni association has approximately 460 life time members in Hyderabad, 350 in Vizag, 400 in Warangal, 350 in Delhi, 150 in Bangalore and 180 in Cochin
    • The Indian association has also chapters in different places such as Rourkela, Bhubaneswar , Tirupati, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry
  3. Discussion on NITW Corpus Fund: 11:30 AM

    • It was announced that the fund has already been approved by the Board
    • It was proposed that we increase the number of number of executive body members working solely on the Fund raising be increased from two to four/five
    • It was proposed that Mr Srinath Acharya be the Chairman of the fund and Mr Prahlad Venkatapuram be the Vice-Chair of the fund.
    • It was proposed that the initial tenure of the Charman and Vice-Chairman will be for 2 years and can be extended another two year period.
  4. Apart from the general conclusion that we need to elevate website-revamp work to a higher priority, no specifics were discussed.
  5. No other Action Items were delegated to any member during the course of the meeting.


  • All India Alumni association has designated Mr. A.V.Sheshagiri Rao (1964-1970 Metallurgy) to co-ordinate with the college regarding Alumni affairs.
  • All India Alumni association has deputed a person from Hyderabad Chapter to visit NITW campus every year to collect contact information from graduating students
  • All India Alumni association charges an amount of 1600/- for life-time membership
  • Mr Ramakrishna Karlapudi also reminded that every student pays Rs 1000/- towards Alumni fee when he/she joins the college during the first year.
  • Mr. Venkat Pullela (, who works for Cisco, Bangalore visited NITW Campus several times and offered third year students several summer internship opportunities. He raised concern that the talent pool at the campus is deteriorating and called for an even active role to be played by alumni to encourage current students by visiting campus, providing guidance etc

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