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May 9th 2004 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

NITW Executive Committee Meeting

Date: May 9th 2004
Venue: Bhagat Singh's Home
Attendees: Hari Kommaraju, Anku Pandey, Prahlad garu, Singh garu, Sridhar Kunisetty, Sunil Sabat, Gautham, Sunil Kunisetty

Meeting Minutes

  • Task.......: Taxes Action Item: The executive body approved the accounts and taxes. Sridhar will follow up on renewal of non profit status.
  • Task.......: Sunil's Sabat visit to NITW
    Updates: Sunil met the Prof Tripathi and other faculty members. He updated everybody on changes in the campus. Also money from Rao Remala has been recieved and hardware brought for new lab in Electrical engg department. Action Item: Sunil will send out a mail thanking Prof Tripathi and concerned faculty members.
  • Task: Message board not working.
    Action Item: Ankur / Sridhar / Sunil Kunisetty / Anirban to pursue the matter.
  • Task: EE Lab proposal
    Action Item: Sunil Sabat and Prahalad Garu will follow up and find out the minimum quotes from the vendors.
  • Task: Mail to NITW director:
    Action Item: Singh Garu will send an email to the new Director of NITW regarding setting up process for scholarship distribution. Dr.Subramanyam Garu needs to be CC'ed.
  • Task: Summer Get Together
    Action Item: Sunil Sabat will follow up on that and arrange a get together of NITW Americas alumni.
  • Task: Receipts from Pushmeet Kohli
    Action Item: Sridhar will follow up with Pushmeet and ask him to send a letter indicating he has received the money.
  • Task: 501 (c) (3) permanent status
    Action Item: Sunil will follow up on this by sending an e-mail to lawyer..

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