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Nov 10th 2002 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes - 11/10/02
Attendees - Bhagat Singh, Prasan Samantaray, Sridhar, SubbaRao, and Sunil
Venue: Bhagat Singh's Residence

The agenda was:
Recap of the 4th West coast meet, summary and financials Year-end perspective - Financial status, Projects & achievements Membership Status Affiliate Programs Website Changes Scholarship/award/library fund/ Fill in Vice President position Business form Regional co-coordinators etc.

The important item is that Sunil presented the assoc. has a balance of $8,500 balance.

It is agreed that we promote the organization to get recognition and new members, to collect ideas from all RECW alumni, whether members or not. The add campaign will be targeted to go out by the middle of March 2003. It will be in Indian magazines distributed in various big cities.Singh and Subba Rao to work on this task and the budget is ~200$.

Singh to talk to Shailesh regarding web site changes that are needed and involve other help to get them completed.

Subbarao to discuss with Chad Bhaskar and other potential VP candidates to fill that position.

Singh to send a letter to all requesting suggestions & feedback for what the assoc. should prioritize and focus etc.

Arrangements have to be made for bringing Regional co-ordinators into alternate Bi-monthly meetings via good phone setup. Singh will discuss Sunil and assign/share the tasks involved in the phone system setup.

There was a discussion on helping library on the campus. Needs have to be identified and we focus on few specific items that we can provide.

There was a discussion to prepare college history presentation, including pictures at various stages, on the web site. We need to work with the college and participate to make it happen.

It was agreed to provide a student member category and a co-ordinators for student related matters. Shailesh to help modify the Website to reflect this and Sridhar to help and follow up.

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