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Nov 2007 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Nov 11, 2007 10 am.

Location: 200 Cameron Ct Milpitas CA 95035 (Shailesh's house)

Following discussions went on:

Subba rao garu went through following issues in brief:

  • Charter of each executive member subsequent to the formation of new committee members for the next two yaers.
  • Corpus fund related info and idea behind the Dec 1st/2nd meeting. Actual date will be announced.
  • Shailesh trip to India.

Sunil handed over charge to Pradeep Chalicheemala with respect to all the financial aspects of the chapter.

Action items from the meeting:

  • Web team should update new executive members and their aliases. AI Sridhar.
  • Vishnu Rao to compile the feedback from the alumni received during the last picnic. Ultimately should also lead the effort of incorporating the suggestions.
  • We need to start continuing the conversations with the Regional Co- ordinators as we did in the past - AI Ankur Pandey
  • Janardana garu will initially try to co-ordinate any activities/interactions with the India Alumni.
  • Follow-up on Shrinath's acceptance to join yahoo groups - AI Prahlad
  • First Saturday of alternate month will be the executive body meetings from now on. Timings are from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Venue will be decided as we move on.
  • Sridhar will further follow-up regarding website re-vamp as part of MCA project with Somayajulu garu.
  • New members need to send their profile to Sridhar.
  • Sridhar to send the list of MCA students - Shailesh will use the info during his India/NITW trip.
  • Alumni to periodically give technical presentations to the NITW students - Sunil K to workout the logistics.
  • Dec 1st or 2nd, we may have Corpus Fund logistics meeting.

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