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Nov 23th 2003 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

NITW Executive Committee Meeting

Date: 11/23/03
Venue: Sridhar's Home in Fremont
Attendees: Singh garu, Prahlad garu, Sridhar, Sunil Sabat, Sunil Kunisetty, Pavan, Hari (by phone), Ankur (by phone).

Meeting Minutes

  • Task:
    Change of Bank ownership

    Decision :
    We will first look into if it is better to open a new bank account or use the old Provident one.
    ACTION ITEM : HARI would investigate and find out which bank is better...
    - ICICI
    - Citi NRI
    - SBI
    Things to consider while evaluating the bank:
    - Do they consider Non-Profit organizations?
    - Monthly charges
    - Is there a minimum amount?
    - Deposit convenience

  • Task:
    $900 to sponsor a student for a conference

    Decision :
    We will not sponsor this student and also we will establish some guidelines regarding sponsorship. Guidelines: - No sponsorship in general. - We can ask individual members to provide accommodation for people attending conferences. - We can make exceptions in extraordinary cases (for very popular conferences). - In future we can decide on having some funds allocated for 'Best Paper', etc.
    ACTION ITEM : a) Need to update the web-site with our guidelines. b) Need to figure out what constitutes very popular conferences.

  • Task:
    Update website with the new executive team information

    Decision ...: Ankur already updated this information.
    ACTION ITEM : ALL - please check your information and if it needs corrections, please send it to Ankur.

  • Task:
    Update information in Guidestar
    ACTION ITEM : Sridhar to take care of it.
  • Task:
    Change links to the new web-site (http://nitw....)
    Decision : Sailesh & Ankur already did it.
  • Task:
    Send email to memebers about RECW web-site URL change
    ACTION ITEM : Ankur to follow up on that.
  • Task:
    Change alias names (from RECW to NITW alias)
    ACTION ITEM : Ankur /Shailesh to look into it.
  • Task :
    Emails to RECW EMail Group
    Decision :
    Always try to send individual emails and talk to individual members first. Only send it to the group if you want the email to be read by everyone.
    ACTION ITEM : Sridhar will prepare a list of individual emails and send it to the group. This list could be used as a reference for sending individual emails.
  • Task:
    Web-site redesign Decision ...: Web-site needs to be redesign to meet the needs of the future. ACTION ITEM : Sridhar will contact one of the RECW volunteer who has shown interest previously.
  • Task:
    NITW T-Shirts

    Decision ...: We used to provide t-shirts to life time members. All t-shirts are now over. It might be cheaper to get from India.
    ACTION ITEM : Ankur will talk with Sunil/Shailesh and enquire about what the design should be, where to get the design from, etc. When he goes to India (Dec?), he will see the price and if it affordable, he would order it and may be get (50 count?) from there.

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