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Oct 12th 2014 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Sridhar M, Dhiraj, Sai, Pradeep, Vijay, & Srini S

Next meeting: Nov 23rd, 2014 5pm

Action Items:

  1. [Pradeep]: IRS Notice (urgent) => Pradeep needs to follow-up with Kishore. We have to close this by Oct 12th.
  2. [Pradeep]: [AI] [udpate] The problem understood - Need 1 more week.
  3. [Vijay]: Sunnyvale event financial summary (Vijay & Kishore).
  4. [Vijay]: Created the XLS sheet. $70 expenses. Further expenses from Sridhar M etc. needed.
  5. [Vijay]: $980 donations. Deposit the checks we have.
  6. [Vijay]: [AI] Deposit the checks were deposited. Cash we are yet to deposit.
  7. [Pradeep]: Send the receipts to the people who contributed.
  8. [Sridhar M]: [update] - $300 for the food.
  9. [Dhiraj]: Cupertino event financial summary needs to be sent out.
  10. [Dhiraj]: [Update] Sridhar need to get the insurance money.
  11. [Pradeep]: SBI check rejection issue.
  12. [Pradeep]: Send the Lakshya from US account by Oct 12th.
  13. [Pradeep]: [update] Pradeep needs to follow-up and send the money.
  14. [Pradeep]: In addition to sponsoring the 3 students we do regularly, Lakshya is asking additional student sponsoring for next 4 years - 4k$ total.
  15. [Pradeep]: we will go back to supporting 3 students later.
  16. [Pradeep]: [update] Motion passed to sponsor additional student from next year - academic year 2015. Informed Lakshya too.
  17. [Srini S]: Need to add Krishna's email id.
  18. [Srini S]: [update] Srini to follow-up via mail and phone call.
  19. [Sai]: Remove the picnic announcement on the website. [done]
  20. [Sai]: [update] Next newsletter draft by Oct 17th.
  21. [Sridhar K]: Publishing the Donor list on website - Talk to Pradeep. ETA Nov meeting.
  22. [Sridhar K]: [update] send a token of appreciation to past donors to recognize and donate more.
  23. [Sridhar K]: Get Update from college. ETA Oct 12th meeting.
  24. [Pradeep]: Identify Location for annual event by Oct 12th.
  25. [Pradeep]: [update] If no update in two weeks, Sridhar to book Quinlan center.


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