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Oct 2007 West Coast Picnic Members Feedback Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes


  • Evite idea is good. It is convenient for people to respond back.
  • Helping Prof. Sydulu presenting his paper in USA was a good initiative.
  • Really liked the initiative to bring everyone together.
  • Event was well organized.
  • Good forum to reconnect.
  • Liked the informal setting.
  • Good work planning.
  • Good turnout.
  • Getting together is the best thing.
  • Liked the business forum.


  • Scheduling of event.
  • Better games.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • List all yahoo groups on website
  • Make attempts to contact other alumni in different parts of the world.
  • We should get more professionals in our logistics
  • For the next meet it would be good to hear some success stories.
  • More networking between different batches in the meeting.
  • Once in a while a business/successful individual's presentation or success story.
  • Quarterly meetings at a restaurant etc. Whoever wants to join will join.
  • Focus on getting more alumni to join the meeting and organization.
  • Have some classical music as the background music
  • Please bring out a monthly journal on the association activities.
  • Helping college is the top priority.
  • We need to have more networking forums so that we can be more enterprising.
  • Try to organize more regular meets.

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