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Sep 14th 2003 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

RECW/NITW executive committe meeting:

Date: 9/14/03
Venue: Shailesh's House
Attendees: Bhagat Singh, Shailesh, Prasan Samantaray, Ankur, Hari Sridhar, Sunil S, Rao Bonda, Sunil K. Sarma, Achyuth

Meeting Notes

  • East coast meeting discussion The participation was not as good, which may be because it was raining during that time.
  • Online Poll Create an online poll for getting feedback on the RECW/NITW annual picnic. Send it after the West coast meeting is over.
  • West coast picnic
    . Date : Oct 11th
    . Place : Serra Park
    . Food : To order for 50 people. Optionally get ready to get pizzas if more people turn up.
    . Sponsership : ....? Still not decided.
    . Recognize the past sponsers at the meeting.
    FOLLOW-UP => Singh garu will go and find out what sports facilities the park provides.
    FOLLOW-UP => Ankur will write down the list of sponsers on a bulletin board.
  • Atlanta meet
    Around 10 families gathered on 9/13/03 for an informal RECW/NITW meeting. Achyuth coordinated this meet.
    FOLLOW-UP =>
    Achyuth will create a yahoo group just for
    the alumni in Atlanta.
    The name of the group will be : NITW-Alumni-Atlanta
  • Yahoo groups names for local chapters
    Yahoo groups should be created for interaction \ within the local chapters. They should have standard names. The format should be: NITW-Alumni-
    Ex: NITW-Alumni-Atlanta NITW-Alumni-Phoenix
  • Electrical Dept Lab Requirements Singh garu received the proposal from Prof.Ramana Rao. FOLLOW-UP => Singh garu will follow-up with Rao Remala.
  • Next meeting : Oct 5th

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