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Sep 2006 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Date: Sep 10th 2006
Venue: PadmaBs house
Time: 10.30 am
Attendees: Padma, Prahlad,, Sridhar K., Ankur P., Sunil K., Jyothi M., Bhagat singh Y.
Scribe: Sunil Kunisetty

Agenda and Discussion Items:

  1. Agenda bashing

    • Finalized agenda items, added PrahladBs India trip to agenda
  2. Discuss last meetings action items.

    • Reviewed and discussed the last meetings AIs
    • Decided to put the BlogoB and Bbusiness forumB AIs as pending
  3. PrahladBs India trip

    • Prahlad spoke about his India trip. While he could meet Dr N Subrahmanyam, he couldnBt meet director
    • College wants us to fund MBA and make donations to corpus fund
    • Lot of new buildings coming up. College is constructing a new Mega hostel that will house 1000 students.
    • Felt that students are easily get loans these days and hence scholarships are not required. Decided to discuss this issue and strategy going forward in the next meeting. AI to Sunil to put this in agenda for next meeting and invite all regional coordinators [AI-09102006-02]
  4. Website upgrade update from Sarma/Pradeep/Vijay

    • AI to Sarma/Pradeep/Vijay/Sunil to sends status to he group [AI-09102006-01].
  5. Successful alumni list (Ankur/Jyothi).

    • Ankur sent the first draft for review (
    • AI to all to review the document and send feedback. [AI-09102006-03]
    • AI to Ankur to work with Pradeep/Vijay to put up this document and achievementBs brochure on our website. [AI-09102006-04]
  6. RC update by Sunil

    • Sunil briefed about the RC picnics in NY/NJ and Chicago/Milwaukee
  7. Merchandize and T Shirts update

    • Prahald garu got 50 T Shirts from India
    • Decided not to get any merchandize for now
    • Jyothi to continue searching for logo.
  8. Tech talks

    • Sunil talked about the CS tech talks conducted by Sridhar Muppala and Prakash []
    Decided to expand this to other departments. Sunil to talk to Dr N Subrahmanyam about this [AI-09102006-05]
  9. Discuss Bay Area Annual Picnic/Business Forum

    • Bay area meet is on Oct 15th
    • Action items for every one on various aspects] Action Item Description Owner Food catering from Banjara Singh Y. Pizza Ankur Registration/Sigh up sheets Sunil Decoration All White boards Sridhar/Ankur Children/Non Spouse activities and purchases Padma/Sridhar/jyothi Costco Purchases Prahlad Business Forum agenda and invitees Subbarao/Prahlad/Singh Y. Sports Shailesh
    • Decided to sync up with a quick phone call 2 weeks before
    • Sunil to come up with events/rsvp page/document [AI-09102006-06]
    • Decided schedule was Time Activity 11.30 B 12.30 Registration and Meet and Greet 12.30 B 1.30 Lunch 1.30 - 2.00 Speeches by executive body 2.00 B 4.00 Kids activities Non alumni activities, Sports Business Forum
    • PR activities

      a)   Call folks in Bay Area from the list Ankur is going to send
      b)  Every one send emails to your friends
      c)   Add the event at Sulekha, etc.
      d)  Put brochures at local functions such as SiliconAndhra one
      e)  Send mail to NITW/RECW alumni yahoo groups
      f)  Send mails to Indians list in companies such as Cisco/Oracle/SUn
  10. Review Action Items

Action Items:

  • Sarma/Pradeep/Vijay/Sunil to send website transfer status to he group [AI-09102006-01].
  • Sunil to invite all Regional Coordinators for next meeting and discuss the chapterBs strategy/goals/scholarship etc. in that meeting [AI-09102006-02]
  • AI to all of us to review AnkurBs BNITW AchieversB document and send feedback by Sep 20th [AI-09102006-03]
  • Ankur to work with Pradeep/Vijay to put up BNITW AchieversB and ChapterBs achievementBs brochure on our website. [AI-09102006-04]
  • Sunil to talk to Dr N Subrahmanyam garu about expanding tech talks to other depts. [AI-09102006-05]
  • Sunil to come up with events/rsvp page/document for Bay area meet [AI-09102006-06]
  • Ankur to send list of batches that folks should call [AI-09102006-07]
  • Sridhar to talk to Sridhar Muppala about tech talks and silicon valley venture at business forum [AI-09102006-08]
  • Sunil to send inventory from last executive meet [AI-09102006-09]
  • Jyothi to send mail to all recw/nitw alumni yahoo groups [AI-09102006-10]
  • Sunil to add the event at Suleka, batchmates etcB [AI-09102006-11]

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