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Sep 30th 2001 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the September 30'th Executive Body Meeting

This monthly meeting of the office bearers of the RECW Alumni took place on Sep 30h 2001 (10.30 am - 11.30 am ) in Singh's house. This document contains minutes of the meeting prepared by Sunil.


Secretary: Subbarao Padmanabhuni ,
Joint Secretary: Shailesh Basani,
Treasurer: Sunil Kunisetty,
Executive members: Bhagat Singh ,Padma Talasila

The main topics discussed:
West Coast Meet
Projects & Scholarships
New Executive Team

West Coast Meet:

The 3rd annual west coast meet is scheduled for Oct 13th, Saturday, at Central Park, Santa Clara. This time we decided to have some talks either by RECW faculty or distinguished alumni. Also, it was decided to have some entertainment.

Projects & Scholarships:

It was decided to start 5 scholarships each Rs 5,000 /- for next semester. The details are being worked out.

New Executive Team:

Term of the present executive body will expire this Oct and new team will be elected by then. Protocols for the elections and the team is being discussed and laid out. Shailesh will send a mail to alumni regarding this.

Action Items for the meet/picnic

Bhagat Singh:
Decide on lunch menu. Order for 80 people as of now Lunch should be catered by 12.15 pm

Talk to Hari. Request him to make it to the meet. Also invite Srini Madala, Gurram naidu etc.... Get some games (soccer etc..) . Ice Chest Decide on speeches

Prasan Samantry:
Sync up again with "Laughway Guys" and boom box + CDs India & American FLAGS

Decide & finalize executive team. Ice chest and Ice bags Sync up with the magician Handout Letters (80).. something we gave like last year

Housy (with 100 tickets) and also 3 or 4 prizes for winners ($10 each) Bring T Shirts/Pens/receiipts to be given to NEW lifetime members only

Get 3 2x4 card boards and write 1) Achievements 2) Future Projects 3) Lifetime member benefits

Sunil: Catering stuff: (assuming 100 guests): - 200 plates
- 300 plastic glasses
- 200 Spoons + 100 folks
- 100 small plates (for chips)
- 100 desert cups
- Napkins
- Table sheets
- Chips & Salsa
- Water
- Cool drinks
- Plastic bags & aluminum sheets
- Trash bags

Receipts/Name tags
Credit card approval forms
Tape/Markers/Direction tags
Decoration Items

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