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Sep 5th 2002 Meeting Back to Executive Body Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes - 09/05/02
Attendees - Bhagat Singh, Prasan Samantaray, Sridhar, Sunil, Shailesh, and Santhosh
Venue: Sunil's Residence

Annual Meets:

East coast annual picnic (already over)

  • Around 18 alumni (around 25 including spouses) attended.
  • The location of the meeting as not very convenient (distance wise) for people and that "might" has discouraged more people to attend.

West coast annual picnic planning (planned date : Oct 12th)

  • Date, time & location were agreed.
  • People Estimate: 50 alumni (70 including spouses). But food will be ordered for 60 people initially with flexibility to change during the last minute.
  • Cost Estimate: Around $550 (Food, Park cost. Excluding the childerns "jumper").
  • Charge: Free - for Annual members
  • $10 - for Individuals
  • $15 - for one family (spouse, kids)
  • Sponsorship: None available at this time.
  • Planned entertainment
  • Singing (2-3 people)
  • Bingo game (Free. Also gifts would be given).
  • Jumper for kids (tentative).

Action Items:

  • Prasanna garu - Items(plates, etc) to buy.
  • Bhagat Singh garu - Food to order.
  • Santosh - Followup on the person who showed interest in singing.
  • Santosh, Sridhar - Followup on the cost,feasibility of ordering "Jumper" for kids activities.
  • Sunil Sabat - Feasibility of organizing "business forum" at the picnic.
  • Sridhar - Draft Invitation letter and send it to the executive committee for approval/feedback.


  • $1,000 check has been sent to SBH (RECW Alumni account).
  • $500 meant for library and $500 meant for scholarships.

Business Affiliates:

  • There will not be any mass email or promotions for any RECW affliate.
  • We will have a "Affiliates or Business started by RECW alumni" section. A link to this would be provided in one of our news letters.

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