Formerly RECW AMERICAS ALUMNI CHAPTER) (A Tax Exempt Organization under IRS Code Section 501 (c)(3). ID: 94-3362611)

THE EXECUTIVE BODY (Oct 2009 - Oct 2011)

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President Srinivas Atluri  78-83 ECE
Vice President Sunil Sabat 82-86 ECE
Secretary Sridhar Muppalla 89-93 CS
Joint Secretary Srini Gopisetti 90-94 CS
Treasurer Pradeep Chalicheemala 98-02 ECE
Event Coordinator Kumar Maddali 88-91 MTech


Executive member1 Gaurav Verma 94-98 CS
Executive member2 Charagondla N Rao 90-94 CS
Executive member3 Neel Kamal 97-01 CS
Executive member4 Srinivas Saripalle 85-89 EE
Executive member5 Siva Chowdary Babu Chennupati 78-83 Civil

Advisory Committee (ex presidents):
Rao Remala (66-72 EE)
Bhagat Singh Yalamanchili (61-66 EE)
Subba Padmanabhuni (78-83 ECE)

Web Committee:
Sridhar Kunisetty (85-89 CS)
Prakash Muppirala (89-93 CS)
Sarma Burugula (90-94 CS)

College Liaison Coordinator:
Sunil Kunisetty (90-94 CS)

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President: Srinivas Atluri

NITW, B.Tech, ECE, 1978-83

Vice President: Sunil Sabat

B.Tech (ECE) 1982-86

Secretary:  Sridhar Muppalla

NITW, B.Tech, CSE, 1989-93

Joint Secretary: Srini Gopisetti

NITW, B.Tech, CS, 1990-94

Treasurer: Pradeep Chalicheemala

NITW, B.Tech, ECE, 1998-2002
MS in Electrical Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont, 2003-2005
Job: ASIC Engineer at Brocade Communication Systems, San Jose, CA
Interests: Outdoor Activities, Toastmasters, Swimming, Skiing.

Event Coordinator: Kumar Maddali

M.Tech 1988-91

Executive member1:  Gaurav Verma

NITW, B.Tech, CS, 1994-1998

Executive member2:  Charagondla N Rao

NITW, B.Tech, CSE, 1990-94

Executive member3:  Neel Kamal

NITW, B.Tech, EEE, 1997-2001

Executive member4:  Srinivas Saripalle

NITW, B.Tech, EE, 1985-1989

Executive member5:  Siva Chowdary Babu Chennupati

NITW, B.Tech, Civil, 1978-1983
NITW, M.Tech, Structural Engineering, 1994-1996
Home: Minneapolis, MN.
Currently working as Environment Manager, Wells Fargo, Minneapolis, MN
Interests: Outdoor Activities, Toastmasters, Swimming, Books.

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