1993- Silver Jubilee meet ( August 4th -6th ,2018)

REC Warangal gave us a rich career and a foundation for the future. The campus life provided us with several nostalgic moments of mid exam fevers, SAC activities, those wonderful special lunches, the exciting sport and Audi events, the friendships that were built for life time and the joy of sharing a cup of tea or a cigarette or a pillion ride to the movie theater. We look forward to relive the moments and the Silver Jubilee year presents us with a wonderful opportunity to cherish the campus life further. The 1993 batch had their Silver Jubilee reunion event this year on August 4th, 5th and 6th . The event was flawlessly executed from the time teams landed in Hyderabad to the time they were left at the airport. Every single detail went according to the plan including the weather gods that smiled on the event without causing any disruption . About 140+ Alumni and about 165+ total members including families gathered in a 2.5 day celebration event of pure friendship, camaraderie and a total recollection of nostalgic moments .Rich tributes were paid to the teachers, interactions with the students were conducted through panel and informal and the Alumni enjoyed the rest of campus offerings to the full extent .

Planning : The event planning started about 2 years prior to the date. An Organizing committee ( OC) was formed that tried collecting as much info as possible from the prior batches that conducted the event. Different pieces of information was collated and a forecast of both the number of possible attendees and the estimates in INR was arrived at. A high level template of kick off at a resort in Hyderabad followed by the visit to campus was laid out. The target attendance was estimated at 125 out of 300 based on prior actuals.

Detailed planning : Teleconferences, and discussions were had for months on detailed agenda, wide spread communications, attendance requests on different forums and honing on the dates. The OC committee had different workstreams and leads that effectively played out their roles. Various OC teams were formed on ground to detail out logistics, boarding and lodging, college event scheduling and coordination with retired professors . Miscellaneous items related to souvenirs etc., were sorted out and T-shirt designs worked out. The telecons were conducted throughout the 2 year period with increased frequency towards the end to facilitate operations.

Execution : Teams arrived in Hyderabad and were routed to Ramoji Film City (RFC ), Hotel Sitara for a grand gala Dinner and a kick off event. A very detailed multi course menu was served at RFC with cocktails. There were thrilling moments as team members were welcomed with multiple hugs and exciting recollection of college times. A registration desk that gave out T-shirts and souvenirs was manned at the event and each attendee was provided with a badge. This badge was extremely useful in recognizing the person by name and branch. A kick off event with various members taking on to the stage followed by a DJ led rocking music and dance show.

The teams left to Warangal in luxury coach buses ( 3 including a few personal cars ) that reached Warangal on Sunday afternoon by 11:30 -12 noon. Members were checked into hotels at Vaishnavi, Haritha and a the college Guest house.. After dropping their luggages, teams were ferried around in Autos/buses as appropriate for a welcome lunch at the campus guest house. A warm and cheerful reception awaited the returning Alumni from the Director, Professors and supporting staff at the campus . The campus was awash with a sea of Blue t-shirts that were adorned by the Alumni during the group pictures and campus tours. At about 4 pm a felicitation ceremony of retired and current active teachers and professors was conducted. This was followed by an exciting and nostalgic moment of the 90s collection of songs that brought back memories of the legacy Audi movie screenings. A mixing dinner event and gathering in local restaurant was the evening conclusion.

Day 2 was kick started with a panel discussion and student interaction at the Audi. Thanks to the homework done prior by the OC leads, there was an outstanding student turnout that filled up the Audi for a well received panel discussion on various topics. The supporting staff that richly deserved our gratitude was felicitated at the old cafeteria with a gift . Who can forget the special lunch and mouth watering deserts and pans ? The special lunch was an icing on the cake that drew loud cheers and banging of plates 🙂 Teams were seen actively interacting with the Saroos that used to serve us with a smile ! The ever famous chicken leg and keema at Mess #1 was followed by another round of picture taking . The buses ferried back the Alumni to Hyd Airport and railway stations. The alumni has collected moments that can be cherished for life, thousands of pictures and videos that were professionally photographed through out the event !

A tribute to the Organizing committee : When it came to scheduling the events, running errands to procure souvenirs, connecting with the retired teachers, organizing shuttle buses and deciding on menus, designing logos and rushing the last minute supplies, the Organizing team rose to occasion and delivered an outstanding performance. A few heroic acts have helped us to conduct the event with full satisfaction drawing rave reviews from the participants and college administration. The following leads have made our batch proud !

John Eda ( CSC ) and team – Transportations, Stage arrangements, felicitations, Campus refreshments, Display banners , Lodging and boarding in Warangal etc .,
Narasimha Rao Jwala ( ECE) – Ramoji Film City Event, Souvenirs , Photography and felicitation of supporting staff .
Rajarshi Guha ( ECE ) – Souvenirs, Registration materials, Coordination, program management.
Sonal Gupta ( ECE ) – Alumni Coordination , Souvenir procurement, MC for the felicitation stage events.
Seshu Simhadri ( Mech ) – Alumni Memorabilia, Pictures, printing .
Sadanandam ( EE ) – Supporting Warangal logistics, Permissions, Campus scheduling.
Sridhar Muppala ( CSC ) – US Alumni mobilization, Panel interactions, program management.
Balaraj Pudota ( EE ) – US Alumni mobilization, Event planning, program management.
Biju Philipose ( EE ) – Bank and financial matters, T-Shirts , Souvenirs, Alumni mobilization .
Manish Sinha ( Mech ) – Event scheduling, Program management, panel discussions.
Ravi Kumar Bhattiprolu ( ECE ) – Mobilizing Alumni, Financial coordination, Program management, event execution .

Rajanikanth Palasamudram, Gnana Prakash , Gopi Janagam , Shantanu Roy and several other supporting team members.