About NITW Americas

NITW Americas Alumni chapter was launched at the First NITW Americas Alumni meet held on Oct. 9th, 1999 at San Jose to commemorate 30 years of NITW. Buoyed by enthusiasm of the 115 alumni who attended the meet, the chapter was formed and the first executive team was elected for a tenure of 2 years. Over the years the strength of the chapter grew exponentially to 680 (as of Sep. 01st 2001). Number of paid members stand at 55.

A major achievement was to get the non profit organization status fromIRS so that all donations & fees can be tax-exempted. To finish the loop, we have opened bank a/c here and one in SBH Warangal (NITW branch), got P.O. Box addresses, registered the organization at central, state & county levels.

The objective of the chapter is two fold. One, for the betterment of the college and other to build a social network here in United States. Regarding the former goal,we have already started an award for the B.Tech 1st year overall topper. We have many projects & scholarships in the pipe line. As per the social network, we are having regular alumni meets. The alumni meets are biannual; one will be held in East Coast during June and other in west coast around Oct. time frame. The alumni meets attract alumni from all batches with their families and are perfect platform to exchange business ideas & personal pleasantries.

We plan to achieve our goals with the moral & monetary support of alumni here. Without the alumni support we cannot fulfill our support.

Mission Statement:

The NITW Americas alumni chapter is the golden bridge for the NIT Warangal alumni living in the Americas and the institution and the various alumni chapters located in various parts of the world. We strive to keep the lively communication in near real time of the various events and information regarding the NIT Warangal. We are always ready to support the NITW alumni in various ways.

The mission of this chapter is as follows :

Betterment of the College:

  • Provide necessary equipment and/or funds.
  • Sponsor visiting Professors to U.S.
  • Fund scholarships for needy students
  • Help students to higher studies in U.S

Development of a Social network:

  • Improve social contacts and cultural events
  • Help members in getting jobs
  • Help each other in times of need