One of the goals of the new executive team is to expand the horizons of the Americas Alumni Chapter beyond the BayArea/BigApple regions to major metropolitan cities. The goal is to foster a group not only for networking purposes, but also to revive nostalgic memories though frequent get-togethers.

Region Name Contact Information
Phoenix Rao Bonda (73-78 Met)
(480)940-1686 (Home)
Chicago Mohan Kakarlapudi (86-90 Chem)
Home: (847)265-1523
Dallas/Austin Srini Gopisetti (90-94 CS)
972-535-5025, 678-362-3090
Dallas/Austin Gautham Kondapalli (95-99 ECE)
NY/NJ Sarma Burugula (90-94 CS)
San Diego Praveen Appani (96-00 ECE)
Washington DC/ Virginia Ravi Batchu (95 – 99 Met)
703 774 3085
Washington DC/ Virginia Lumakar Hanumandla (86-90 ECE)
Seattle/ Portland Darshan (90 -94 Civil) 206.898.4905 (cell)
Seattle/ Portland Chakrapani Appalabattula (92 -96 CS)
425 591 5685 (cell)
Atlanta Gaurav Verma (94 -98 CS)
Detroit Venkata Ramana Reddy Minama
Detroit Ramesh Ranganathan (89-93 METALLURGY)
Los Angles Ramesh Sakala (91 -95 ECE)
310-570-4119 (Work),
310-497-3449 (Mobile)
Kansas City Vamsidar Reddy Malgireddy
New England Vinay Puri (1998-2002 Mech)
Home: 401-378-3896


If you stay near one of these cities, please contact the corresponding coordinator.

We are also looking for more coordinators to other big cities such as LA, Detroit, Orlando etc. If you stay in one of these cities and would like to volunteer as a coordinator, please drop an email to us at