The alumni mentorship program plans to promote meaningful relationships between current students and NITW alumni. While supporting the educational and professional all-round development and experience of current NITW students, the program allows alumni to give back to their alma mater. The program is specifically coordinated by the NITW America Alumni Chapter. It is our belief that student enthusiasm and alumni support are crucial to the continued success and advancement of this mentorship program.

Student Mentees – The program is designed keeping in mind academic guidance, career advice, and personal development of the students. Students will be paired with alumni mentors who are eager to share their insights and advice about life beyond NITW. Student mentees who take full advantage of this opportunity gain valuable knowledge that will help them in their future careers.

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Alumni Mentors – Through this program, alumni will get a chance to share professional, personal experience and expertise with current NITW students. The connections made in the program help prepare the students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact. Alumni do not have to be on campus to leave a footprint at NITW. Whether you are right down the street or across the globe, we invite alumni from around the world to be part of the NITW Alumni Mentorship Program.

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