1. Microsoft and NITW partnership: Microsoft and NITW are actively working together to promote Microsoft .NET and C#. NITW will undertake projects and courses in Microsoft technologies and in particular .NET and C#. Microsoft recently funded a $25K project to the CS dept. in this regard. Mr Rao Remala & NITW Americas Alumni Chapter are instrumental in the success of this partnership.
  2. We have started an award for the B.Tech 1st year overall topper. The award will be instituted from academic year 2001-2002. Here is the receipt. We are planning to start many other awards and scholarships in the coming months and hence we request your invaluable donations for the same. This project was sponsored by Singh Yalamanchilli .

For the acadamic year 2001-2002, we have given the following scholarships for a total amount of Rs 25,000 /-.

S. No. Name Roll No. Class and Branch Amount Given (in Rs)
1 J.Phaneender 98311 IV Mech 3,500
2 A.Sridhar Rao 99304 III Mech 5,000
3 D.Erya 99210 III EEE 1,500
4 K.Naga Chitanya 00423 II ECE 5,000
5 K Karthik 00424 II ECE 1,500
6 DVNS Kumar 00767 II CSE 1,500
7 MVS Rao 00805 II EEE-FDH 3,000
8 First yr B Tech Student Pending 4,000


The scholarships are given based on a merit and means criteria as chosen by a Faculty Screening Committee. The Committee consists of Dr N Subramanyam, Dr B. P. Chandrasekhar, Dr K Appala Raju, and Dr G.V.P.C Chandramouli. Dr K Subba Rao coordinated the efforts.

For the acadamic year 2002-2003, we have given the following scholarships for a total amount of Rs 25,000 /-


S. No. Name Year & Branch  Roll No. Amount in Rs
1  K. Sree Swetha  1st Mech  2324  5000
2  B. Karthik  2nd Checm.  1617  5000
3  K. Naga Chaitanya  3rd ECE  423  5000
4  R. Muralidharan  4th Mech.  99332  1500
5  Pankaj Tripathi  4th ECE  99432  3500
6  R. Naidu  3rd EEE – FDH  20005  2500
7  Y. B. Mallaiah  1st EEE – FDH  20211  2500
8  D. Erya  4th EEE  99210  4000(from last year)


Scholarship screening committee consists of Dr N. Subramanyam, Dr. G. V. P. C. Chandramouli. Dr. P. V. Ramana Rao, and Dr K. Subba Rao. The NITW Americas Alumni Chapter would like to thank all the above faculty and in particular Dr. N. Subramanyam for doing an excellent job. The scholarships were given based on merit and means. There were 30 applicants. 3 from each year have been called for interview. There were 5 scholarships – 1 each for each B Tech regular year and 1 for FDH student. Each scholarship is for Rs 5000 . In case there is no unanimous choice, the scholarship amount was then split between the prospective students.

These scholarships were sponsored by Srinivasa Thirumalasetty, Ananthu Srinivasa Chakravarthi, Srinivas Bikkina Sreenivasa Pragada, and Yogesh C. Jain . If you are interested to sponsor a scholarship, please send an email to recw_info@yahoogroups.com

Scholarship Criteria

Click here for the receipts: Receipt – page 1 Receipt – page 2 Receipt – page 3

Click here for few snaps of interview process and all scholarship winners.

NITW Alumni of Microsoft (Rao Remala, Ramu Movva, Chandrasekhar Rentachintala, Sreeram Nivarthi, & Smitha ) and NITW Americas Alumni Chapter have pooled in together and have donated MSFT software for Electrical Engg. Dept.

Microsoft and NITW partnership continued with Microsoft giving $25K for CSE dept for academic yr 2002-2003. Rao Remala and Americas Alumni chapter are instrumental for this partnership.

NITW Americas Alumni Chapter has given Rs 25,000 ( ~500$) to Sadiq Ahmed, a 4th yr B Tech ECE student, on Nov 17th ’02, to attend the 8th IEEE International Conference on Communication System being held at Singapore, from 25th to 28th November 2002, to present his paper ‘Novel image compression technique for faster transmission’. Click here for a snap of Sadiq Ahmed with Dr N. Subramanyam and Dr G. V. P. C. Chandramouli.

Click here for the receipts: Receipt 1 Receipt 2

NITW Americas Alumni Chapter on Feb 25th ’03 donated Rs 25,000 /- to Central library to purchase technical books for all Depts. This project was sponsored by Sarma Burugula.

NITW Americas Alumni Chapter helped in raising 750 $ for National level Technical symposium (SANKET 14th -16th Feb) organized by ECE department of NITW.

NITW Americas Alumni Chapter helped in raising 600 $ for Pushmeet’s Kohli visit to ACM SIGSE student research contest held in Norfolk (Virginia) Mar 2004. Chapter also arranged for Pushmeet’s accomodation.

2006: The Electrical dept. has brought a computer server for Rs 126000 from the funds donated by Srinivas Aluru, S. Rama Subba Reddy, and Lakshmi Vaidya.

Dec 2006: We have donated Rs 5,000 to Ms. Sasikala for her tuition and hostel fees, a needy student who is battling medical and financial problems.

Dec 2006: We have donated Rs 10,000 to Technozion 2007 – a national premier technical event hosted by the college. See https://www.nitwamericas.org/FreeSW_Copppermine/thumbnails.php?album=1 for photos for the same.

March 2007: Mr. Venkat Vardeneni has donated Rs 6000 to Sasikala through the chapter for her tuition and hostel ffes.

Books, Softwares, Hardwares etc.: We will be sending books, software and other useful stuff to NITW periodically. If you plan to do the same, please send them to one of the following executive members. We will streamline the process and will send it to the correct people at NITW.

Please use your discretion while sending books or software. Please do not send to get rid of them. Some software books could be obsolete in two years, while some math, physics books could still be used after 10 years. So, please use your judgement and mail them accordingly.

Bhagat Singh Yalamanchilli
1182 Ruppel pl. Cupertino, Ca 95014

Shailesh Basani
985 Faris Dr San Jose CA 95111

Or, you can send any relevant material directly to NITW. The contact address is:

Asst.Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engg.
National Institute of Technology, Warangal