1st NITW Americas quarterly magazine.

Friends, please announce the article name EOD today that you are going to send by 28th Mar, 2021 for NIT Americas Warangal 1st quarterly edition.

Following are some of the interesting topics will be covered in our 1st NITW Americas quarterly magazine. 👍🏼

1) Technical Article – The death of Internal Combustion Engine ☝️
2) Kids Achievements- My daughter’s journey of becoming Miss India USA 🇺🇸
3) Success Story – How I became a Humanist and how I brought a wave of changes changed the perception on Humanism
4) Silver Jubilee Celebration for 93 batch as a model for the other AMS based batches
5) How a technocrat moved into the Healthcare industry – My journey during COVID-19

Many children recognitions

Guess who is sending #5 in the above list?